At St Mary’s the wearing of school uniform is compulsory for all children from FS1/ Nursery to Year 6.



Charcoal grey tailored trousers/ skirt/pinafore (not black or navy blue)

White shirt not blouse. Preferably short sleeved

White, grey or black socks

(These items are available from any stockist)


Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo    (These items are available from P.T’s in Radcliffe)

Navy blue school tie with school logo (elasticated for younger children)


Sensible black shoes (not trainers) must be worn. Safe footwear must be worn at all times. No flip flops, sandals or shoes with heels should be worn, even on own clothes days.


Optional Summer Uniform

Girls - blue check dress

Boys - grey tailored shorts

Outdoor coats are not specified by the school and remain parental choice. We would however, advise that your child’s coat should be a dark one.


P.E. Kit

White polo shirt

Navy blue shorts

Black pumps (not trainers)

These items should be placed in a drawstring bag and kept in school. The kit should be kept on your child’s coat peg and only taken home to be washed during school holidays. P.E. is a legal requirement of the

National Curriculum. A note will be required if your child is unfit to participate in these lessons.


Please mark ALL items of clothing with your child’s name!



Jewellery is not allowed apart from a watch.


NO Earrings are allowed on Health & Safety grounds, this includes own clothes days.  

Accidents can happen when children are getting dressed and undressed, when they are playing outdoors or are taking part in PE.

If your child is having their ears pierced please wait until the summer holiday.

If they have had them pierced recently and are unable to take their earrings out yet, they must cover them with plasters until they are healed. Spare plasters must be sent into school for during the day. Once your child’s ears are healed their earrings must be removed before school.


Children wearing earrings will not be able to take part in PE for health and safety reasons.


Please note:- Nail polish, make-up or fake tan are not allowed.


Shaved heads and gelled hair styles are not allowed. A no.2 cut is the shortest acceptable cut, unnatural and/or extreme hair colours are not allowed. Pupils who fail to comply with the school’s dress code will be isolated or sent home. (This matches policy at St Monica’s RC High School.)

Hair Accessories

Hair bands and bobbles should be blue, white, brown or black in accordance with our school rules. Large bows, ribbons and flowers must not be worn for school and your child will be asked to remove them if they are wearing them.

The school reserves the right to decide what is considered to be suitable in terms of uniform.