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British Values

At St Mary's RC Primary school we regularly promote the British Values of Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with other Faiths and Beliefs.


Our School Council is chosen through a democratic process. Hustings are held in class and any child can put themselves forward to run as a candidate in a class election. Councillors are then chosen by secret ballot. This process is repeated each Autumn.

Mock elections are held whenever there are local or general elections. The mayor is invited in every Autumn to meet our new school council and to tell us about the running of a local council in a specail assembly.

In addition, we celebrate important  roayal family events to teach the children that our governments run the country on behalf of the monarch.

Rule of Law

Whilst the elected government creates laws for us to follow the police force upholds the laws that are created. In Bury we can be very proud of the role we have played in this as Robert Peel who created the first police force was born in Bury. Interestingly, he also helped create the Conservative party. He also served twice as Prime Minister! 

Individual Liberty

The 1988 Human Rights act  set out some rights that we have while living in the UK. These include ;

Freedom to have our own opinions, thoughts, beliefs and religion.

Right to liberty and to be safe.

Right to an education.

Respect for your private life and family.

Protection from discrimination.

Freedom from slavery.

Mutual Respect

When we show respect to others we show people how much we value them  by listening to their ideas and beliefs. We give value to them even if we disagree with what they say. If we are not showing respect to others we might hurt their feelings. Also a lack of respect to others makes us appear rude .

Tolerance of those with other Faiths and Beliefs.

As members of a catholic community we expect tolerance from others. Through our catholic faith and learning about other religions we are able to develop respect and tolerance for those with other faiths and beliefs. Jesus taught us;

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".


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