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EYFS Progression Documents


Early Years Foundation Stage

Progress Models

  • The intended purpose of these documents is to provide our EYFS practitioners with a toolkit for moving children’s learning on, at an age appropriate When a child is identified as being confident with specific skills or knowledge these documents may provide suggestions for sequential next steps.
  • Our progress models may also provide practitioners with assistance when designing rich, balanced, cohort- specific curricula.
  • These documents should not be used as a checklist or as a way to restrict children’s experiences or progression. For example, even if a child has not yet mastered using a thick paintbrush they should still be exposed to a variety of painting tools, including fine detail brushes.
  • At St Mary’s, we acknowledge that children learn in different ways and at different For this reason, we value practitioner knowledge and experience over a “one size fits all” approach and encourage all staff to use this document as a guide only.
  • Where appropriate, sections of these documents have been proof read and approved by qualified professionals such as speech and language therapists and occupational therapists to ensure that the outlined expectations are appropriate to the ages and stages of our children.

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