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Prayer and Ethos at Saint Mary’s
“Ethos” is used to describe the “feel” or character of an institution. We use the phrase “Catholic Ethos” to refer to that distinctive “feel” of a Catholic school, whereby we are living out the teachings of Jesus in everything we do and are. “Catholic Ethos”, while having many connections with the teaching of Religious Education, is much broader. It is not so much a subject to be taught, but rather a way of life to be learned and lived.

The Diocese of Salford has given us a framework to help think about our ethos, commonly known as “The Five Ws.” They are five words which help us to understand how our Primary School is a faith school: Word (of God), Welcome, Witness, Welfare and Worship. They focus our minds on what it is to be a “Catholic School” Click on a Word below to find out more!

Here’s a poem the children can use to remember these five words!

To help us think about our faith
And all that we proclaim,
We have a set of magic words - 
“5 Ws” by name!

The first is WORD – for we will speak
what Jesus tells us to:
We’ll pray and love and be the best
in everything we do.

The next is WELCOME – say hello
and join us in our school!
We’re one in God, in love, in faith: 
this is our golden rule.

The third is WELFARE – we will care 
for everyone we meet:
For pupils, teachers, parents, friends, 
the needy in the street.

And fourth comes WORSHIP – praising God 
for many wondrous things!
We lift our hearts on high in prayer 
through Jesus, King of kings!

And last is WITNESS – not the least, 
for here is our ideal:
Our faith is active, shown to all, 
it’s living, seen and REAL!

So just five words to help us think 
of all that we believe,
And how - with Jesus by our side - 
His WAY we can achieve!

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