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FS1/ Nursery Reminders

FS1/ Nursery Reminders

Please make sure your child has a pair of wellies that are left in school at all times so that they can access outdoor play during all types of weather.
Please check that they still fit your child at the end of each term.
Please ensure your child's wellies are labelled.

Please make sure your child has a coat that is suitable for outdoor play in all weathers.

Please remember to label every item of your child's clothing, including shoes and ties.


School Fund

Please remember to send in a contribution to school fund. The minimum donation is £1 a week or you may choose to send in more on a half termly or termly basis.
This money ensures that we are able to enhance your child's learning. Last year we used this money to fund baking and other cooking activities, to buy seasonal items such as fireworks and to buy resources to support topic work.


Starting and Finishing Times:
Morning Session
8:45am to 11:45am
Afternoon Session
12pm to 3pm

Full Time: 8.45- 3pm

During the Autumn term FS1 children will begin to work in small groups on phase 1 of ‘Letters and sounds’. We will begin to work on our listening skills by listening to sounds outside. This could be listening to the wind or the sound that leaves make when they rustle. We will also focus on animal sounds in our songs and the sounds we can hear in the environment such as traffic sounds like cars, bikes or tractors. Following this introduction we will then focus on using real instruments to make sounds and explore how we can also make our own instruments with pots, pans and kitchen utensils. As part of this aspect we will explore using simple rhythms in our games and songs.

Don't forget that The Oxford Owl website which you can find at 

is excellent support for reading and phonics guidance.

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