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FS2/ Reception Reminders

FS2 Reminders 2023-24



Please make sure your child has a pair of wellies that are left in school at all times so that they can access outdoor play during all types of weather.
Please check that they still fit your child at the end of each term.
Please ensure your child's wellies are labelled.     



Please make sure your child has a coat that is suitable for outdoor play in all weathers.



                          Please remember to label every item of your child's clothing, including shoes and ties.


    School Fund

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Please remember to send in a contribution to school fund. The minimum donation is £1 a week or you may choose to send in more on a half termly or termly basis.
This money ensures that we are able to enhance your child's learning. Last year we used this money to fund baking and other cooking activities , to buy seasonal items and to buy resources to support topic work.


Reading Books

Your child needs to bring their reading record and reading book in their reading bag everyday.
Reading books will changed every Thursday evening.



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If you need to send us a message, please use class dojo. Please note that we only check this during school hours. If you child will be absent, or late, you will need to contact the school office, not send this information by dojo.


School dinners/ Packed lunches

School dinners are free of charge in FS2. Parents of children accessing school dinners must choose their child's lunch in advance. You can pick these weekly with your child on 'school grid'.

If your child has a packed lunch please try to ensure it is as healthy as possible. Sweets, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks are not permitted but a chocolate biscuit is acceptable. Please ensure that all items of food are nut free as some children in school have a severe allergy to nuts. 














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