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To help keep your child safe, it is important that you understand how they use the internet.  Follow this simple checklist to help protect  your child and decrease the risks they face.

Social networking sites allow people around the world to share information. But you need to keep your children stay safe when they are online. Find out how to make some important privacy settings. 

Whilst your children are online they may come across websites displaying inappropriate pop-ups and advertisements. It's important to teach your child how to delete pop-ups. Knowing how to block a website can stop them from being targeted by spammers who use adware and pop-ups to attack their computer.

Help your children develop the knowledge and social skills to make the right decisions about the people that they meet online.

Children need to be taught that information we put online stays there forever and can be seen by anyone. Children should be taught which pieces of information should be private and they need help to understand in which situations they should share private details and when they shouldn't.

Most children in the UK have a mobile. But as with anything else, smart phones come with both pros and cons. Find out how to keep your child safe.

Staying Safe on Smartphones

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