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Peer on Peer Abuse

At St Mary’s we work to prevent sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence through a whole-school approach that includes an effective behaviour policy with appropriate sanctions, pastoral support and a carefully planned relationships, sex and health education curriculum that includes addressing issues of consent.

Relationship and Health Education Curriculum- Life to the Full

As part of our RHE curriculum we cover:

Module 2 'Created to Love Others', children explore these topics at an age-appropriate level. 

  • sexual harassment
  • online sexual abuse
  • sexual violence

Please see the overview below:

Module 2 Overview- Created to Love Others

Unit 1

Religious Understanding

Unit 2

Personal Relationships

Unit 3

Keeping Safe

EYFS Role Model

Who’s who?

You’ve got a friend in Me

Forever friends

Safe inside and out

My body, My rules

Feeling poorly

People who help us
KS1- Year 1 and 2 God loves You

Special people

Treat others well….

….and say sorry

Being safe

Good secrets and Bad secrets

Physical contact

Harmful substances

Can you help me?
KS2- Year 3 and 4 Jesus my friend

Friends, family and others

When things feel bad

Sharing online

Chatting online

Safe in my body

Drugs, alcohol and tobacco

First Aid Heroes
KS2- Year 5 and 6 Is God calling you?

Under pressure

Do you want piece of cake?

Self- talk

Sharing isn’t always caring

Cyber bullying

Types of abuse

Impacted lifestyles

Making good choices

Giving assistance


We also cover these topics in some of our big questions. 

Y1 - Who helps us to keep safe? 

Y2 - What is bullying? What helps us to stay safe? 

Y3 - What keeps us safe? 

Y4 - How do we treat others with respect? How can we manage risk in different places? 
Y5 - How can friends communicate safely?

Y6 - How can the media influence people? What will change as we become more independent? 


Themed days and weeks:

Anti -Bullying week

Online safety week



Expect Respect

Pants or Good Touch/ Bad Touch workshop

Friendships workshop (including bullying, online safety/ bullying etc.)

Share Aware (Online safety)

NSPCC- Speak Out, Stay Safe


Individual and group work where appropriate.



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