RE Curriculum

In Religion, we are following the new scheme, 'Come and See', which we introduced in September 2016.

During the Autumn term we will be covering three units.
Unit 1
 Myself (Domestic Church- Family)
'God knows and loves each one.'

Unit 2 Welcome (Baptism/ Confirmation- Belonging)
We will be learning about Baptism; a welcome to God's family.

Unit 3 Birthday (Advent/ Christmas- Loving)
Looking forward to Jesus' Birthday.

During the Spring term we will be covering three units.
Unit 1 Celebrating (Local Church- Community)
People celebrate in Church

Unit 2 Gathering (Eucharist- Relating)
The parish family gathers to celebrate Eucharist. Please take your child to church and let them see what happens at mass.

Unit 3 Growing (Lent/ Easter- Giving)
Looking forward to Easter.

During the Summer term we will be covering three units.
Unit 1
 Good News (Pentecost- Serving)
Passing on the Good news of Jesus.

Unit 2 Friends (Reconciliation- Inter- relating)
Friends of Jesus.

Unit 3 Our world (Universal Church-World)
God's wonderful world.

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