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Date  Event/ News

 Sunday 10th December

 Shampoo- FS1/2

 Monday 11th December

 Shower gel- Year 1

 Saturday 16th December

 Disposable shavers and/ or foam- Year 6

 Sunday 17th December

 Warm hats- FS1/2

 Monday 18th December

Christmas Around the World. Parents invited after school.

Warm gloves- Year 1

 Tuesday 19th December

 Year 6 Grandparents' Party (Grandparents only)

Warm socks- Year 2

Wednesday 20th December

End of term mass

End of term service

Christmas Dinner (Wear A Christmas Jumper- bring £1)

Year 4/5 Parties (suitable footwear please)

Warm scarves- Year 3

 Thursday 21st December

EYFS Party day with magician

Party Day for Year 1/2/3/6 (suitable footwear please)

FS1pm finish for Christmas at 3.10pm today

Box of chocolates or sweets- Year 4

 Friday 22nd December

Close for Christmas Holiday at 1.15pm

Toothbrushes and/ or toothpaste- Year 5

Please send in all Empty Advent Calendar gifts today

 Saturday 23rd December

 Hairbrush and/ or comb- Year 6

 Sunday 24th December

 Sleeping bags, torches with batteries, thermos flasks, treats- Everyone

National Poetry Day October 2016



Our National Poetry day October 2016 featured the fabulous Matt Goodfellow...check out this link


Or for October 2015 check out below




World Book Day 2016

Click this link to see The EXTREME READERS of St.Mary's video.

Well Done Children!

Just to say thanks for having me at school today, I had a great time and hope that the children did too. The classes were all really keen and joined in with the stories fantastically. It’s so much more fun talking to and reading stories to children who are keen to join in and respond to questions. 

Thanks again, let’s hope they all come along to the library and use some of our fantastic facilities.


Sarah Howell (Radcliffe Library)

St. Mary's Has Talent - October 2015