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Dear families, hello!

I hope that you are all keeping as well as you can be during this challenging time. I know that, like us all, many of you will be going through hardship, upsets and illness, as well as, hopefully, unexpected moments of joy being at home together for so long. I would like to offer my condolences, and those of all our staff, to any families who have suffered a bereavement; I know from experience how the lockdown rules have added to the pain and distress as such a sad time.

Can I also express our deep gratitude to those of you working in the NHS and other key jobs, who are doing so much to keep us well and thriving.  All the messages and Dojo contacts show that you are really appreciative of the love and care our staff have shown to each family, doing their utmost to check in with everyone, and reassuring everyone about schoolwork, whatever your situation. These messages of support really help us, and increase our determination to continue to do the best we can for your children.

The Prime Minister yesterday announced we are moving towards a new phase of the lockdown, though he was at pains to emphasise that nothing is certain, but depends upon how the spread of the virus is contained. He has stated that he hopes children in Year 6, Year 1 and Reception will be able to return, in a limited way and when it is safe to do so, no earlier than 1st June. He also expressed a hope that all primary children would be able to spend some time in school before the end of the school year.

At this moment we are still waiting for clearer guidance on what this means for our school, especially since social distancing rules will still be in place. We do know that, whenever our children return, classes will not be as normal. To respect social distancing children will be spread out through the school and will be supervised by various members of staff (and not their normal; class teacher). We have a significant number of staff (including Reception and Year One) who were not in school the week before lockdown because they are in vulnerable groups that require shielding.  They will not be returning before 30th June at the earliest.

At the moment, therefore, I cannot give you any definite news or specific plans. I can, however, assure you that the safety and health of children, families and staff will eb at the forefront of our minds when we are able to put plans in place.

Mr J Travis

Sending lots of love  and prayers🙏 ,



 Mr Travis and all the staff of St Mary’s


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