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Sacramental Programme


First Holy Communion Programme 2023-24

Registration Forms must be returned to church by Thursday 6th October. 

  • Tuesday 10th October 6pm: Meeting One – Welcome to the programme and ‘Belonging to the family of God/ Baptism’
  • Weekend of 14/15th October- Celebration- Presentation at Masses
  • Tuesday 6th February 6pm: Meeting Two – Preparing for First Confession
  • Tuesday 19th March 6pm: Meeting Three – Preparing for Holy Communion

Our Masses here at St Mary's are: 5.30pm on a Saturday and 9.00am and 10.30am on a Sunday.


First Communions

First Communions will take place in May 2024.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs Gerrard.


Information from Meeting One- October 2023

Dear Parents/Carers,

Your child has now entered the programme of preparation for First Holy Communion in 2023-24. It is an important moment in their faith journey – they are growing as members of the Catholic Church, and this coming year will help them to deepen their understanding and practice of the religion which you chose for them in baptism. Your support is still vital – you are still the “first educators of your children in the ways of faith”, and for them to get the most out of this year will require your working together with Church (and School).    

Meetings and Celebrations

There are three meetings and two celebrations before First Communion in May, which is our third celebration. You and your child MUST attend all three meetings. 


The programme itself will begin with the children’s ‘Presentation’ to the parish on the weekend of 14/15th October and run until First Communion Masses in May later next year. (Please remember to bring your child’s baptism candle with you!)

Attendance at Sunday Mass

A key element of the programme will be attendance at Sunday Mass each week. Our Masses here are at: 5.30 p.m. on a Saturday; and 9.00 a.m. and 10.30 a.m. on a Sunday. There are 30 weekends starting with the Presentation on 14/15th October and running through to 4th May. By attending mass regularly your child will be prepared, knowledgeable and ready to make their First Communion in May. We request therefore that you attend 15 masses with your child which will support their understanding of this very special journey they are making.

Children will celebrate their First Confession during the School Day in the Season of Lent. First Communions will take place on two Saturdays in May - dates will be decided once registration is completed and we know how many children are in the programme this year. They are likely to be on the weekends of 11 May and 18 May but will not be confirmed until nearer the time. (Please do not book anything at this point!)

I sincerely hope that you will help make the most of this special year for your children: when you had them baptised you made a promise that you would “bring them up in the practice of their Catholic faith.” The special moments of this coming year are an ideal way of keeping that promise, and of deepening your own faith too. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Father Brady


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