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Childline Mental Health Resources


Childline has a wild range of brilliant resources on it. Please take a look!

Types of mental health- Find out everything you need to know about different mental health issues.

Supporting a family with a mental health issue- Living with someone who has mental health problems can be hard.

Taking care of yourself- Lots of things can leave you feeling overwhelmed, numb or low. Lots of tips to help!

Coping with stress- Get tips to help you deal with stress, no matter what is causing it.

Getting support from CAMHS- If you're struggling with mental health you don't have to cope alone. Find out how CAMHS can help.

Suicide- Get help and support if you feel suicidal.

Coping with suicidal feelings- Get help coping with suicidal thoughts and feelings.

Hearing voices- It can be scary if you're hearing or sensing things that other people don't. Whatever's happening there are ways to cope.

Tough to talk- If you're having suicidal thoughts, it can be tough to talk about how you're feeling. Watch the video and get tips to cope.

Getting through a tough time- If you're struggling with something that's happened, ther is advice to help you.

PTSD and flashbacks- PTSD and flashbacks can affect you in lots of ways. Support to help you cope.

Advice about helping a friend- If you are worried about a friend, look at this advice.

Controlling your panic attacks- Learn how to get panic attacks under control.

Managing your anxiety- Top tips to help you manage anxiety.

Self-harm- Find out about self-harm and learn how to cope if you want to hurt yourself.

Loneliness and isolation- If feelings of loneliness are taking over, see how Childline can help.

Depression and feeling sad- You're not alone. See how Childline can help you.

Building confidence and self-esteem- Try boosting your confidence with our top tips.

Getting help- It can really help to talk to someone you trust. Find out about getting help.

Calm zone- If you're feeling overwhemed or anxious, there are calming activities to help.


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