St Mary's RC Primary School, ManchesterSt Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School

St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School


Name Ethnicity Date of Appointment Term Appointed by Full Governor Meeting attendance (This Year) Curriculum, SEN & Pupils Sub-committee attendance (This Year) Finance, Staffing and Health & Safety Sub-Committee attendance (This Year) Relevant interests - business, financial, other governance roles and relationships with school staff
Craig Rayner (Chair) White British 10/11/2021 4 years Board       none
VACANT       Foundation       none
Tony Cummings   01/09/2019 4 years Local Authority       none
Emma Holt   21/04/2021 4 years Parents       none
Fr Philip Brady   30/10/2019 4 years Ex-Officio       none
Philip Callaghan   07/04/2022 4 years Foundation       none
Paul Halsall   07/04/2022 4 years Foundation       none
Shannon Moore   07/04/2022 4 years Foundation       none
Katie Dunne   26/02/2020 4 years Staff       none
John Travis   01/09/2017 4 years Headteacher       none


What are Governors?
Governors are like a Board of Directors and make decisions about how the school is run. They meet at school at least once a term.

Governors are appointed to help:

  • manage the long-term goals of the school
  • support and challenge the senior leaders
  • bring external knowledge and experience into school
  • decide how the school budget is spent.

School Governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They can only act together, they cannot act individually. They submit a report to parents each year.

School Governors are:

  • parents.
  • teachers and non-teaching staff at school.
  • local council representatives.
  • Foundation Governors (Community Representatives).


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