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Children's Version of Safeguarding Policy



What is safeguarding about?

At St Mary’s RC Primary School all of the adults around you think that your health, safety, happiness and welfare are very important.

In our school we respect all our children. We want to keep you safe and help to protect your rights.

We do our best to help you make good educational progress and be happy!

We teach you how to recognise risks in different situations and how to protect yourself and stay safe.

How will we try to protect children?                                             

We try to provide a safe environment for you to learn in.

We want to ensure that you remain safe, at home as well as at school.

We think it is important for you to know where to get help if you are worried or unhappy about something.

If you need to talk – we will listen!

You can talk to any adult in school!

It is Mrs Gerrard’s special job to keep you safe - talk to her if you are worried.

You could tell a friend and then go with your friend to tell an adult.

Don’t keep it a secret if:

Someone is bullying you;

Saying funny things to you that you do not like or upsets you;

Hitting you or hurting you;

Touching you;

Trying to give you things such as cigarettes, alcohol, tablets;

Sending unkind messages on the internet or to your phone;

Not caring for you.

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