Mission Statement

Jesus teaches us to love God and neighbours as ourselves. Our mission as a Catholic School is to put that into practise in the way we live, teach, learn and work together.

We will show we love God by making God part of our school day: by our prayers, by our acts of worship, by listening to the Word of God, by our respect for God’s creation. We will show we love God by letting the teachings of Jesus and his Church guide our daily choices, words, actions and attitudes. We will practise compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, honesty and respect in all situations.

The children are our neighbours: we will show love for them by respecting them as individuals, knowing them and their needs, and carefully planning their education so that each can reach their full potential. We will show love for them by creating a safe, nurturing, listening environment. We will show love for them by having the highest expectations, and challenging them to reach for the stars and be the best they can be.

Parents are our neighbours: we will show love for them by offering our guidance and help, seeking their active partnership in the education of their children, and understanding their particular situations.

All members of Staff are our neighbours. We will show love for them by working as a team, sharing our skills and care, praising and celebrating excellence, communicating effectively and understanding each other’s needs. Children and parents too will show this love by their respect for all staff and the rules that create a peaceful and safe learning environment.

Our neighbours are all around us in our local community: we will show we love them by a warm welcome to everyone who visits Saint Mary’s, and by our outreach to those in need. The poor too are our neighbours: we will show we love them by supporting charitable works at home and abroad.


School Prayer
Today we’ll do our very best
To work and learn and pray,
With Jesus as our friend and guide
In all we do and say.

We’ll love our God, as Jesus taught,
In listening and prayer;
We’ll love our neighbours as ourselves
With kindness, peace and care.

We’ll make our school a happy place,
With challenges and fun
And be the best that we can be
Until this day is done!

We know that we’re not all the same
But there’s work for everyone.
We’ll all achieve fantastic things
And say “A Day Well Done!”

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