If you are interested in an FS1/ Nursery place for your child, please call in and collect an 'Expression of Interest Form'. You can complete this at any time from your child's birth. With this form we will need copies of your child's birth and baptism certificates. Please bring the originals to school and we will copy them for you.

Children start in FS1/ Nursery in the September after their third birthday.

If you have given us your child’s information and certificates we will contact you in the Decemberbefore your child is due to start in our nursery in September. You will be sent a letter asking whether you still require a place for your child and inviting you to a meeting in January.

In January, following your attendance at the meeting, you will be sent a second letter asking whether you require a morning or an afternoon place. Further information regarding the procedure and criteria will be given to you at the meeting in January.

When we have allocated the places we will send you a third letter in March informing you of the decision.

Please note that if you move house at anytime following the completion of the 'Expression of Interest Form', you will need to call into school to update your form.

If at any point in our admissions procedure we do not receive a reply from you, we will presume that you no longer require a place for your child.

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